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March 15, 2020 / SoniaLMT

Closed for now

I have made the decision to close my practice for the time being. The bottom line is there is no way for me to responsibly practice “social distancing” (ie physical distancing!!) and do massage at the same time.

For now I am cancelling all appointments through the end of March. While it is almost certain that it will be more than two weeks before life returns to normal, let’s see where things stand at the end of the month.

I am keeping my scheduling site up and running if you’d like to set something up for when I’m back in the office, whenever that will be.

I wish good health for you and your loved ones as we get through this pandemic.

March 13, 2020 / SoniaLMT

COVID-19 update

The tl;dr version:

  • I’m still open, for now
  • If you want to cancel, please do (especially if sick, obviously!!)

  • Wash your hands when you come in

  • I am cleaning all the things


For the time being, if you’re willing to come in for massages, I’m willing to give them. (I’ll post again if/when this changes.) As a licensed massage therapist I already practice regular cleanliness measures, such as washing my hands up to the elbow before and after every session, and using clean sheets for each client. Now, in addition, I am vigilantly wiping down all the things – if you touched it, or I touched it after touching you, it gets cleaned after every session.

If you have an appointment scheduled and want to cancel, please do! You have my blessing. My cancellation policy remains the same- please give me at least 24 hours notice if you are going to cancel your appointment. If you feel at all unwell, please do not come for your appointment, even if your appointment is within 24 hours. I have never penalized someone for canceling due to illness and I never will. I will do the same- if the moment arrives where I feel sick, I will cancel all appointments. (If you were scheduled to see me between mid-December and mid-January, you know it’s true – I cancelled a lot of appointments due to being sick.)

I ask two things of you:

  1. If you are coming in for an appointment, please wash your hands before we get started.
  2. If you are feeling unwell, please don’t come in.

I feel it’s likely we will reach a point where I will close, and if that happens I will post again. In the meantime I will do my part to make our interaction as safe as possible for us both.

Be well,

January 2, 2020 / SoniaLMT

Elevator out of service!

Happy new year! Some unfortunate temporary news: the elevator for the building is going to be out of service starting this coming Monday, January 6th, for approximately a month (for upgrades, woohoo!). I don’t know when the work will be finished- the sign on the door says they’ll be done around the first week of February, but I will update here when I have an exact date. I am so sorry for any inconvenience this causes. If you are a client who requires use of the elevator, please contact me directly and I will reach out personally when I find out when the elevator will be usable again.

(Update 2/25/20: still not back in use. Hopefully soon!)

December 23, 2019 / SoniaLMT

Appointments available December 26th

Hi all, my holiday travel plans changed and I will be in the office this Thursday, December 26th. I hope that some of you have the day off and can enjoy a massage that day! 🙂

A few people have asked me recently if I am still working Sundays – the answer is yes, it’s just that I’m currently booked almost two months out for Sundays at the moment. If you’d like to sign up for my last minute cancellation email list, you can do that here. As always, if you can’t get in with me, I highly recommend the ladies of Strength and Comfort (formerly known as Active Outlook Massage), with whom I share my office space. I’ve been going to Polina for years, and have had a couple of truly fantastic massages with Anna recently as well.

Happy holidays and see you in 2020!

August 29, 2019 / SoniaLMT

Out of town August 30-September 9

Hey all, I’m taking my first vacation in two years (woohoo!) and will be back in the office on September 10th.

May 7, 2019 / SoniaLMT

Rate change & C-Section scar massage

Hey gang! I’m adjusting my rates starting June 1st so that tax is now included in the price of the massage. The rates will be as follows:

30 min $65

45 min $85

60 min $110

90 min $145


I’m also excited to announce that I’m now offering C-section scar massage. You know how sometimes you don’t appreciate something until you’ve been through it yourself? I am totally guilty of that when it comes to prenatal massage- and as it turns out, C-section scar massage as well. My colleague and office-mate Polina offered to do some scar massage for me after a cough this winter left my scar aching badly, even 8 months after my surgery- and it had me intrigued!

After experiencing it myself, I practiced on some friends who were having more serious scar-related pain 6-10 months after giving birth- and received some really incredible feedback. They reported improvement on a physical level- reduction in pain- but on an mental/emotional level as well. People who felt like they couldn’t bring themselves to touch the scar before now felt okay touching it, and some reported that they felt like a physical weight had been lifted. Even weeks after a single session they told me they were still feeling so much better!

I think it’s really neat that this work can be helpful months (and even years, from what I’ve read!) after the surgery, and I’m really excited to be able to offer this to my clients. So if you or a loved one are still having issues relating to your C-section scar, this could be something to try! It can be done as a stand alone 30 minute session with the client fully clothed, or as part of a longer session.

As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions!

July 20, 2018 / SoniaLMT

Coming back next month!

Hello! I’ll be back in the office on Sunday August 5th. My booking site is now open and I am taking appointments for when I return.

I’m going to be working part-time for the foreseeable future, and will continue to share my office with Polina. My days will be Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday.

For the month of August I will be starting at 3pm during the week, and will go back to my usual 10am start in September.

I haven’t gone more than two weeks without massaging since 2007, so please bear with me as my body gets used to doing this again! 🙂

April 15, 2018 / SoniaLMT

Off on maternity leave!

As of April 15th I am off on maternity leave! I anticipate coming back sometime around the end of July, and will update with my return date once I figure out when that is. If you have any questions while I am away feel free to get in touch by email and I will get back to you at my earliest convenience.

To my dear clients- don’t be a stranger! I would love to hear from you while I am out! See you all soon 🙂

January 29, 2018 / SoniaLMT

What to expect now that I’m expecting!

(Last updated 4/5)

Dear world,

I’m very pregnant! Here’s what you should know about how that will affect my practice:

  • My day in the office will be April 15th. I am currently booked through then.
  • My anticipated return date is sometime mid-late-July or so. When I know, I’ll update my website with that date.
  • When I come back, I will be working part-time for the foreseeable future- tentatively Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays. This schedule will start April 1st.
  • Starting April 1st, I will be sharing my office space with another local massage therapist, Polina Savelieva. Some of you may know her, as I’ve been referring to her for a couple years now. She’s also my massage therapist! I’m thrilled that she has agreed to enter this partnership with me, and hope you will contact her if you want to get a massage while I am on maternity leave.

I think that about sums it up- let me know if you have any questions!

January 5, 2018 / SoniaLMT

Happy 2018!

Happy holidays and a happy new year to you all! I’ll be out of town Saturday January 6 through Tuesday January 9th for Orthodox Christmas (which we celebrate on January 7th!).