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May 7, 2019 / SoniaLMT

Rate change & C-Section scar massage

Hey gang! I’m adjusting my rates starting June 1st so that tax is now included in the price of the massage. The rates will be as follows:

30 min $65

45 min $85

60 min $110

90 min $145


I’m also excited to announce that I’m now offering C-section scar massage. You know how sometimes you don’t appreciate something until you’ve been through it yourself? I am totally guilty of that when it comes to prenatal massage- and as it turns out, C-section scar massage as well. My colleague and office-mate Polina offered to do some scar massage for me after a cough this winter left my scar aching badly, even 8 months after my surgery- and it had me intrigued!

After experiencing it myself, I practiced on some friends who were having more serious scar-related pain 6-10 months after giving birth- and received some really incredible feedback. They reported improvement on a physical level- reduction in pain- but on an mental/emotional level as well. People who felt like they couldn’t bring themselves to touch the scar before now felt okay touching it, and some reported that they felt like a physical weight had been lifted. Even weeks after a single session they told me they were still feeling so much better!

I think it’s really neat that this work can be helpful months (and even years, from what I’ve read!) after the surgery, and I’m really excited to be able to offer this to my clients. So if you or a loved one are still having issues relating to your C-section scar, this could be something to try! It can be done as a stand alone 30 minute session with the client fully clothed, or as part of a longer session.

As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions!


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