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October 27, 2014 / SoniaLMT

Off to Seattle for some continuing ed!

I’ll be out of the office Thursday November 6th through Wednesday the 12th (back in the office on the 13th). I’ll be in Seattle for a Myofascial Release seminar. I’m really excited- Myofascial Release is a technique I’ve always been interested in learning more about, but have always put it aside to take other classes (see: my certifications in sports massage and neuromuscular therapy). Why all the way to Seattle? The guy teaching the class (a physical therapist, actually) is versed in recent research- something that is sorely lacking in the field of massage therapy. (Some of my clients have heard my stories of things I was taught in massage school that I learned later were untrue! This is a big problem in the field- outdated and simply incorrect information.)

And I’ll be taking advantage of the trip to spend an extra day with my dear friend Kat of Flat Mat Roller Derby, an online yoga program catering to roller derby skaters. Check it out- she rocks!

I added some extra hours in the days before I head out- I’ll be in all day Monday-Wednesday November 3-5th and all day the Monday and Tuesday before Thanksgiving. If you’ve been thinking about making an appointment, now’s the time to do it- between the week in Seattle and Thanksgiving at the end of the month, I won’t be around as much as usual next month. Hope to see you soon!


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