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July 12, 2013 / SoniaLMT

I’m back and I’m adding Thursday evenings!

Hey everyone! I had a great vacation but it’s nice to be back in the office. I’m happy to announce that I’ve added Thursday evenings from 4:30-8pm to my weekly availability, starting next week. I will be further cutting back Sundays- starting in August I will only be available the first Sunday of every month.

Of course, I have to make things a little difficult- the first Sunday of August (the 4th) I won’t be in because I’ll be taking a continuing education class, so I’ll be in on Sunday August 18th instead. And if you’re confused, you can always just check and see what’s available on my booking site by clicking the big red button on the right đŸ™‚ (For those of you who are curious and/or enjoy having their feet worked on, I’ll be taking a foot massage class on the 4th.)

So barring any changes in schedule (which I will post here and on my Facebook and Twitter pages), I’ll be in the office the first Sunday of every month starting in September.


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