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December 21, 2012 / SoniaLMT

Holiday Availability

Hi everyone! We are knee-deep in holiday season! This year I’ll be spending xmas in Connecticut, just a Metro North ride away. I’ll be heading out sometime Sunday afternoon and returning sometime Wednesday, so if you’d like to make appointments on those days, earlier on Sunday and later on Wednesday will be the times to do it. I’ve tentatively set the times of my departure and return to 3pm, but those are negotiable.

As some of you know, I was raised Russian Orthodox and grew up celebrating old school Christmas on January 7th (you can read a bit about why we do that here), so I’ll be heading home to Maryland for a few days for Russian xmas. My schedule isn’t set in stone, but as of right now I’m planning to be away from Friday January 4th to Wednesday the 9th.

And then of course I’ll be taking off New Years Day 🙂

Sorry if this is a little confusing, but you can always take a gander at my availability calendar to see if I’ll be around at If I don’t see you before the holidays, Merry Christmas/Happy Day Off Of Work and have a wonderful New Year!


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