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March 2, 2011 / SoniaLMT

NMT Certified!

I’m happy to announce that I completed my certification in Neuromuscular Therapy this past Saturday, February 26th. It was a long time coming- I started taking the course in November of 2009! If you have seen me for a session since then, chances are I’ve used some of these techniques on you. While the main purpose of NMT is to treat trigger points, I also learned a bunch of really useful and effective techniques for treating nearly every individual muscle in the body.

Time to take a break from continuing education? Nope- I’m signed up to take a couple introductory Rolfing/structural integration classes later this month. I know, the word “Rolfing” is funny, but it’s named after Ida Rolf, the lady who developed the school of work (a Rolfer would be mad if I called it a “technique”). It deals with fascia– the connective tissue that covers all of our bones, organs, and muscles- basically all of our anatomy. I learned some basic myofascial techniques in massage school, and would like to add to that knowledge, especially after my experience seeing a Rolfer last year.


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